Social Media: Catapult Your Business Forward

In today’s world, your business needs an online presence. And social media is key to reaching a diverse market, engaging your customers, and converting more sales.

But it isn’t as easy as putting up a Facebook page. The online world is very busy!You actually have to find and attract your clients, give them content they need and want, and engage them! There are a lot of options for people to choose. Just because you have the best “widgets” in the world, doesn’t mean you are going to sell the most.  It’s unfortunate but true.

In order to catapult your business to the next stage.

The Strategy

  1. . Why are you doing this? What do you believe in? (WHY)
  2. . An initial workshop to clearly identify your target market (WHO)
  3. . What is your unique selling proposition? How are you different? (HOW)
  4. . Which channels are best for your offering and target? (WHERE)
  5. . What voice best tells that story? (WHAT)

This program starts with two comprehensive 1-day workshops ($400 value) to walk you through these questions and more. You will have a better understanding of who you are and who your client is as a result.  A social media strategy with suggested content options is developed ($200 value). With an additional 3 hours of consulting time built-in to answer questions (must be used within first six months) ($150).

Cost: $500

Social Media:

I take on occasional clients on a retainer to execute their social media strategy for them. I will assist with content development strategy but content is the responsibility of the client. Please note there is a minimum three month commitment. Evaluation is provided on a monthly basis. Includes 1 monthly check-in to evaluate goals to results.

Cost: $250 per month (up to 8 hours per month)