Dying Well Collective

Web: http://www.dyingwellcollective.com/
Launched: December 2015
ReLaunched: January 2017

This website is currently being overhauled to meet the needs of the non-profit organization into 2017. It was created on WordPress to showcase the purpose of this organization and the work we do in end of life care.

Originally a simple website for the start-up non-profit to be able to explain who they were and what they did. With a more defined offering and collective (membership) a new website is needed to meet its growing needs.


Her Wild Ways

Website: HerWildWays.com

Launched in August 2016

re-Launched: December 2016

Her Wild Ways is a website dedicated to work in the sacred feminine. It is a collaborative space to promote work I am doing with other therapists and artists in this realm.

The new space is visually more appealing with a more advanced responsive WordPress theme (looks as good on mobile as on a desktop!). It also has a full shopping experience with WooCommerce integrated into the backend, using paypal as the e-commerce tool.

And the new site allows for growth with new partners while maintaining a certain esthetic and overall Wild Woman look. Facebook was also updated.

Band of Therapists

Launched: May 2016

This website was designed and created for a group of therapists who were joining forces to raise awareness and share their insight. A WordPress theme was selected that would allow for Featured Authors and multiple authors to be showcased.

I created the backend system, the logos, images, and content for all the main pages. The bios and articles belong to each author individually. The Facebook page was also created at the same time and a newsletter list was started to gather names for future communication by the group.